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Multiple Master Bond adhesive systems were developed to ensure exact alignment retention in structural bonding applications. The need for these formulations has grown significantly as thinner, lighter, durable, miniaturized electronic/optical devices require precise tolerances for adhering similar/dissimilar substrates subjected to fluctuations in temperatures, stresses, moisture, chemical exposures. Liquid, paste, film adhesives provide highly accurate void free bonds that feature uniform bond line thickness. Most notable is their ability to maintain alignment during cure, after bonding, in service. Rapid curing, dimensionally stable, chemically inert, high Tg, thermal stable products provide reliable, consistent positioning and have proven successful in lens bonding, laser, photodiode, optical components/electronic assembly usage. Select alignment sensitive Master Bond adhesives also offer a very low CTE, high optical clarity, low shrinkage and meet NASA low outgassing specifications.

Solvent free, environmentally friendly, instant curing UV polymeric adhesives are superb for critical exact positioning of high end components. They cure "on demand" in seconds at low temperatures. Dual cure compositions have a secondary heat cure mechanism for curing shadowed areas. UV cure systems require no mixing and can be conveniently applied automatically to expedite productivity. They are often dispensed in beads, dots, lines in carefully controlled environments at different heights and various dispense rates to optimize yields. Adhesive strength such as tensile, peel, shear, cleavage, compressive, modulus of elasticity, elongation can be adjusted to optimize performance and extend serviceability. These UV cure products have a long shelf life at ambient temperatures without refrigeration. Compounds have been successfully tested at 85°C/85% RH for 1,000 hours. Nanosilica filled systems enhance temperature, abrasion resistance and dimensional stability.