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Master Bond high quality RTV silicone compositions have good flowability, dimensional stability, flexibility/elongation, durability, excellent tear strength for use in prototyping, short-run production and functional testing applications. Our systems are available in a range of viscosities/cure speeds, have outstanding release properties, deep section curability, low exotherm to reproduce in extraordinary detail different geometrics. The level of accuracy even in light tolerances is quite impressive and our products have proven effective in poured block molds/multipart molds.Additionally these low shrink compositions have chemical/temperature resistance, absorb vibration and exhibit long term strength retention.

Master Bond RTV silicone mold making compounds have easy processing capability, storage, stability at ambient temperatures and are noted for consistent reproducible results. Vacuum degassing or centrifuging is recommended for avoiding bubble entrapment. Molds can cast urethane, epoxy, polyester resins, wax, gypsum materials. It is important to note that our moldmaking RTV silicone systems have wide temperature serviceability and withstand thermal mechanical stress. Their highly desirable combination of properties has enabled these products to meet specialized industrial molding needs.