Two component epoxy compound for high performance applications

Key Features

  • Two component system
  • One to one mix ratio
  • Room temperature curing
  • Non-drip paste
  • For bonding, sealing and coating
  • Chemical resistant

Product Description

Master Bond EP21ND is a two component, room temperature curing epoxy compound featuring outstanding physical properties, easy processing and a non-drip, pastelike consistency. This system has a non-critical one to one mix ratio by weight or volume. EP21ND has the unusual characteristic of being able to adjust the properties of the cured system by altering the mix ratio. Adding more of Part A (e.g. 2:1 mix ratio) will give a more rigid cure, while adding more of Part B (e.g. 1:2 mix ratio) gives a more forgiving cure. EP21ND produces high strength, durable bonds which hold up well to thermal cycling and resist many chemicals including water, oils, fuels, acids, bases and salts. It bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals, composites, glass, ceramics and many types of rubbers and plastics. Once cured, EP21ND is an excellent electrical insulator. It is serviceable over the wide temperature range of -60°F to +250°F. The color of Part A is gray and Part B is amber, although, a wide variety of additional color choices are also available. This exceptionally versatile system is widely used in the electronic, electrical, computer, appliance, chemical, aerospace and OEM industries.

Product Advantages

  • Convenient mixing: non-critical one to one mix ratio by weight or volume
  • Variable mix ratio feature allows adjusting the type of cure (mentioned above)
  • Easily applied; adhesive spreads smoothly; non-drip application feature
  • Ambient temperature cures or fast elevated temperature cures as required
  • High bonding strength to a wide variety of substrates
  • Excellent dimensional stability with good electrical insulation properties
  • Lower shrinkage upon cure.




Premixed & Frozen Syringe

EP21ND is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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