Adhesive systems for space engineering systemsMaster Bond formulates customized space-grade one and two component epoxy and silicone adhesives, sealants, coatings, as well as potting/encapsulation compounds. They are used by astronautical engineers for assembling components for satellites, rockets, deep sea probes, rovers, spacecrafts and space stations. These extraordinary products possess unique properties and are build to provide long term durable performance in the most harsh environments. Specific grades are designed to withstand cryogenic temperatures, extreme heat, intense vibration, shock, excessive thermal cycling and severe impact (space debris). These compositions can be formulated to comply with NASA low outgassing requirements, have superior dimensional stability, low shrinkage, vacuum compatibility, optical clarity, and excellent thermal stability. Products were independently tested in accordance with ASTM 595 for low outgassing to safeguard mission critical systems form surface contamination and device malfunction or failure.

Space engineered systems utilizing Master Bond products have been successfully proven in civil, commercial, and military space programs. They consist of electrically conductive, thermally conductive and electrically insulative compounds. Available in a range of thicknesses, cure speeds, hardensses etc. these materials play a critical role in the operation of guidance, navigation, stabilization, steering, data handling, communication, and thermal control systems. Additionally, many different kinds of space-based instrumentations are constructed with Master Bond bonding agents. These advanced space borne instruments such as mass spectrometers, magnetometers, imagers, plasma wave detectors, photometers, dust detectors etc. gather valuable data that has improved our understanding of the universe. These discoveries have made valuable contributions in enriching the quality of life on earth.

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Master Bond adhesives offer exceptional strength between similar/dissimilar substrates. These include aluminum, titanium, magnesium, stainless steel, carbon, aramid and glass composites. These compositions are noted for being chemically inert, guarding against tremendous gravitational forces, internal/external pressures, fatigue, flammability, flexure, and compression. Since most adhesives are sandwiched between parts they are not exposed to atomic oxygen or ionizing radiation. Avoiding microcracking after long duration exposure in space is a key criterion that must be addressed.

Master Bond has made much progress in developing compounds to heighten the capability of space engineered systems. Among the most significant are products:

Product Thermo-electrical properties Temperature range Key Feature
EP29LPSPAO-1 Black Thermally conductive,
electrically insulating
4K to 250°F Cryogenic shock resistant
EP21TCHT-1 Thermally conductive,
electrically insulating
4K to 400°F High Tg
EP21TDCS-LO Thermally and electrically conductive 4K to 275°F Low volume resistivity
EP42HT-4AOMED Black Thermally and electrically conductive 4K to 400°F Medical grade
EP29LPSP Thermally and electrically insulating 4K to 275°F Optically clear