Industrial Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings for Space VehiclesReusable and expendable space vehicles have been constructed using special Master Bond adhesive systems that have been formulated to meet the operational requirements needed for deployment in hazardous space environments. These unique compositions have been designed to withstand exposure to temperature extremes, radiation, impact from orbital debris, vacuum, thermal cycling, charged particles. Utilization of high strength structural compounds are dependent upon the types of materials being joined, their configuration, amount of stress and mission duration. In order to ensure durability of adhesive bonded joints and avoid degradation, products have been subjected to multiple tests such as stress corrosion, high-cyclic fatigue, mechanical impact, fluid compatibility, tensile strength, heat stability. It is important to note that these products have been essential in adhering metallic and nonmetallic surfaces which have enabled fabrication of space vehicles that possess lighter weight, increase fuel efficiency and carry heavier payloads than was previously possible. Additionally the use of Master Bond NASA low outgassing certified systems have proven most successful in optical and electro-optic applications.

As these spacecraft fly outside the earth's atmosphere new adhesives will facilitate heightened value in these endeavors. Electronic system/subsystems will perform more functions at lower energy levels and help the affordability of these voyages. Adhesive compounds will play a more indispensable role in inertial guidance, navigation, command, data handling, thermal control and propulsion. They also will be more consequential in augmenting safety, comfort and cabin aesthetics.