Adhesives for Scientific InstrumentsMaster Bond formulates a diverse array of liquid, paste, film adhesives, sealants, coatings for the construction of scientific instruments. These apparatus are employed for basic research, applied research, developmental projects. They are also used by manufacturing companies for quality control to ensure customers are obtaining existing orders consistently without any flows or defects. Our products are engineered to adhere well to similar/dissimilar substrates such as steel, brass, aluminum, light casting metals, optical glass, and many plastics. Compounds meet stringent performance standards, simplify usability and promote precise, accurate, reliable data measurements under widely different operating conditions. Technologically advanced compositions
have made key contributions in the assembly of different types of scientific instruments possessing uncommon sizes, shapes, designs with multiple functionalities for application in numerous technical fields including physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, astronomy. Through the utilization of different Master Bond products automated, ultra-fast apparatus have advantageously been able to generate additional information with touch screen interfaces resulting in increased productivity, through put speed with smaller tabletops, portable units that require less specialized training for operating personnel. Data gathered in government, military, university, industrial laboratories with these scientific instruments has been instrumental in making important breakthroughs that have resulted in novel innovative scientific discoveries.

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Our highly skilled specialists have collaborated with scientific instrument companies to facilitate the development of new products or improve existing products. In order to meet evolving needs and changing specifications, Master Bond has made significant progress in initiating systems with advanced corrosion protection, improved cohesive strength, minimal shrinkage upon cure, exceptional heat dissipation characteristics, impact, shock vibration resistance and materials that guard against severe chemical attack. Not only have these solvent free products had a major impact on safety and sustainability but they have proven highly successful in improving the collection, resolution, measuring, deploying, recording, reviewing, storage, retrieval of detailed findings for enhanced effectiveness in assessing, analyzing this critical data.

From microscopes to thermocouples to scales/balances to oscilloscopes to DNA sequencers to spectrometers, Master Bond has accomplished many noteworthy accomplishments. Our epoxy, silicone, epoxy-urethane hybrids, instant curing cyanoacrylates and UV curing adhesives have improved production efficiency, provide transparency in certain applications, bond small areas, tight clearances or wide gaps and are beneficial for light weighting. Short cycle times for mass production have made these instruments more affordable while increasing the profitability of instrument companies. As technology advances, nano and microparticle filled adhesive systems will be more influential in the future assembly of scientific instruments.