Adhesive, Sealant and Coating Systems for Processing Equipment for Life Sciences Industry

Master Bond produces high performing adhesives, sealants, castings employed for the manufacturing of processing equipment such as piping, high vacuum pressure vessels, tanks, thermal processing systems, mixer/blenders for the medical industry. Our compounds are designed to meet stringent quality control standards, boost productivity, provide consistent, repeatable, reliable performance in small batches and large scale production. These specialty compositions withstand aggressive liquids, gasses, vapors at high pressure, fulfilling safety and hygienic requirements thereby optimizing value for use in special environments. Our state of the art compositions improve efficiency for many challenging applications including continuous motion and miniature hydraulic systems.

Precise temperature control and superior seal design have proven most advantageous in numerous medical machine products including dryers, blowers, agitators, centrifuges, granulators, ovens, inspection equipment. Innovative processing systems are used by research institutions and have contributed important discoveries for the life science, biotech, pharmaceutical industries. Through the use of multiple Master Bond formulations automated liquid handling, precision fluid measuring devices have contributed to agile responses and have proven vital in implementing processing improvements that have addressed evolving manufacturing requirements. This has enabled companies to reduce cycle times, increase yields, throughput speeds and has given certain products an accelerated introduction. As a key supplier to the life science industry we are proud of our adroitness in upgrading the competitive advantage of our customers, augmenting their profitability while most importantly enhancing the quality of life of the public.

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