Master Bond adhesive systems are used for the assembly of medical sensorsRampant growth in chronic and long-term diseases has increased the demand for medical sensors. Master Bond has been at the forefront in developing new tailor made compounds to address the need for improved performance, functionality, dependability, connectivity for these sensors. We have worked in close collaboration with the leading manufacturers to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards, can be dispensed simply with superior accuracy, and provide exceptional mechanical strength properties. Our compositions are employed in wearable, invasive, non-invasive medical sensors used for surgeries, diagnostics, therapeutics and in monitoring systems. Some prominent applications range from sleep apnea therapy devices, dialysis machines, videoscopes, infusion pumps, monitoring equipment, respiratory equipment to blood pressure monitoring, instruments and body temperature measurement devices. Mobile wellness wearable sensors have been instrumental in monitoring our fitness, calorie/burn consumption, activity levels with smart phone, tablet apps to ascertain our physical well-being. Through the use of many different polymeric systems including many that contain nanofillers, Master Bond has enabled medical sensor manufacturers to design miniaturized, lighter weight, lower power devices to improve patient outcomes.

Medical sensors play a crucial role in improving the quality of life for the ever growing aging population. As the pace of change is accelerating at a rapid rate new technological modifications have magnified the effectiveness, performance, efficiency, safety, durability of medical sensors. Additionally they have been able to gather vast amounts of data that have provided valuable insight into tracking conditions, patterns, predictions to manage healthcare for individual patients, populations, environments. Integration of multiple sensors on a single medical device has proven beneficial in accessing information in order to make the most infallible decisions. It is important to note that Master Bond potting/encapsulation coating systems have been designated for protection of these devices from exposure to humidity, harsh environments such as impact, wear, extreme temperatures. Many sealants offer a hermetic seal for a stainless steel housing. In certain applications guarding against corrosion and electrical shorts is a necessity on wearable devices from vulnerability from sweat, chlorinated water. Precise data gathered from miniaturized sensors placed in space constrained areas has proven most valuable in saving lives.