Adhesives for quantum optics applicationsIn exploring the relationship between the nature of light and particles at submicroscopic levels, the field of Quantum Optics relies on research equipment in which precise alignment of substrates, whether it be optics, lenses, or couplers, is of paramount importance. Master Bond epoxy and silicone systems are designed to adhere to a number of substrates including piezo materials, silica, fibers, and other types of glass substrates, mirrors, and a wide range of metals and plastic materials, with excellent dimensional stability and longevity.

For integration with quantum optic assemblies, Master Bond offers numerous materials that offer optical clarity, meet NASA low outgassing specifications and also demonstrate low CTE values, often sought after in the industry. Many of these products exhibit dependable resistance to elevated temperatures and/or to lower temperatures or cryogenic conditions.

Master Bond’s specialty adhesives, sealants, and potting compounds can be customized to not only withstand various challenging application conditions, but also to meet the desired processing constraints. A number of these two component materials conveniently cure fully at room temperature, so as not to damage sensitive optical components. Master Bond offers specialty UV curable and UV/heat dual cure systems, the latter group offering a secondary insurance of a full cure in cases where shadowing is present or where substrates may cause light distortion. Master Bond’s materials run the gamut in terms of viscosity, dispensing characteristics, and packaging for a better efficacy profile in manufacturing and eventual operation.

While lasers may be a prevailing application of adhesives, potting compounds and coatings in the quantum optics field, technologies in which Master Bond materials are employed and are being tested include photodetectors, beam splitters, filters, mirrors and mounts, spectrometers, as well as any associated electronic parts.